By Kristof Buntinx


Kristof Buntinx is a couturier from Brussels who has been making the world a more beautiful and colorful place for more than 20 years with his unique creations. This multi-talent is also musically active and with summer approaching, he releases the beautiful song ‘Missing Link’.

Kristof Buntinx is an extravagant Belgian who designs and sells clothing, bags, hats, jewellery, interior accessories and home decoration. Quirky, often even visionary, he goes his own way. For the most famous Flemish singer Dana Winner, he designed a high-tech cybercouture dress with 6000 LED lights and a price tag of 77,000 euros. He caused a furore with his Dustbin Lid-hat on Royal Ascot, the most famous horse race in the world. He donated crown jewels, made of everyday coins, to the Belgian queen Paola. And he angered Vladimir Putin with pro-gay boxer shorts that protested the Russian president's gay politics.

This eccentric designer, as surreal as the famous painter René Magritte, also has a passion for music. As a boy, he sang with his mother in the church choir conducted by his father. And as he went through hard times, it was music therapy that got him back on top and made him discover that he can make songs himself.

One of these songs is “Mising Link” in which Kristof sings about artificial insemination. A theme that other artists don't mention, but Kristof likes the unusual.

Musically "Missing Link" fits perfectly with the summer because it makes you instantly happy. The music is festive and as fast as a sperm cell that wants to reach the egg first.

Kristof Buntinx likes to put a message in his lyrics. Initially, he had reservations about artificial insemination and IVF. Because when it is God's will that you cannot have a baby, you have to accept that. But an acquaintance with someone who had a son who was born through artificial insemination changed his mind. But Kristof hopes those kids aren't going to be bullied because they're “different”. He himself has been bullied many times in his life and knows that every reason for bullies is enough to make your life hell.

“Missing Link” combines a beautiful message with a fresh and cheerful sound. Bring on the 2020 holiday ! This song deserves to be on your summer soundtrack.

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Lyrics : Kristof Buntinx

Music     : Goedele Van kerkhoven

Mix & production : Sam Pieter Janssens aka Klankman

Mastering : Gert Van Hoof aka Cochlea Mastering