HURRAY! GLAD TO BE GAY! The Gay Anthem: new song by Kristof Buntinx

By Kristof Buntinx

HURRAY! GLAD TO BE GAY! The Gay Anthem: new song by Kristof Buntinx

With Swiss clock-like regularity Kristof Buntinx keeps on releasing new songs. Although the word "new" does not quite cover his latest one, since The Gay Anthem had been hiding in Kristof’s closet for several years and is only now coming out.

In the long, hot summer of 1976, when Kristof was a little one-year-old toddler, Tom Robinson could be heard singing "Glad to Be Gay" on the radio. Today, more than forty years later, Buntinx is launching his own gay anthem worldwide.

The song is infectious, dynamic and as danceable as can be. With lyrics that will make you blush. The Gay Anthem is about lust and being overcome by an enormous appetite for sex. It describes how a bloke is looking for a "hot and horny man". Nowadays people do that mainly online and so the main character from the song is searching on Grindr, a dating app that helps gay and bisexual men find each other.

No matter how horny the gentleman is feeling, he has got his preferences. He is not looking for fairies or transgender people, but wants a big, muscular guy with African roots. And he wants to do everything with and for him. He even wants to be his Yoko Ono. The Beatles fans who know John Lennon well exactly know what that means.

To be clear: it is the gay character from the song who has his preferences and who excludes certain people. Buntinx himself is open-minded. Freedom of thought, you know. Although Buntinx is convinced that the gay community is making itself weaker by splitting itself up into L, G, B, T, Q, I, A and +. He thinks the community would be better off if it spoke with one voice.

Anyway, Kristof's voice can be heard in The Gay Anthem. Listen to the song and enjoy it gaynormously!

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Lyrics & vocals: Kristof Buntinx

Music: Ian Rigillo

Mix: Sam Pieter Janssens aka Klankman

Mastering: Cochlea