True love for singer-designer Kristof Buntinx (in the red-light district!)

By Kristof Buntinx

True love for singer-designer Kristof Buntinx (in the red-light district!)

Love can totally mess up one’s life. Many people on the Boulevard of Broken Hearts are deeply disappointed in Cupid’s decisions. But they can now take comfort in Pussycat, a new song by Kristof Buntinx about a surprisingly wonderful love story.

Where do artists find their inspiration? In the case of the beautiful Pussycat, it was when Kristof was on his way to an appointment with a musician. He walked past a window and noticed a pretty cat behind the white lace curtains, sitting on the windowsill. Kristof — who has an eye for beauty — wanted to take a picture of the animal, but its owner brutally snatched it away, in front of Kristof’s very eyes. Totally bewildered, he continued his walk. The scene left a deep impression on Kristof and the song Pussycat was created in no time when he and the musician started jamming.

In the song, however, the cat behind the window has become a hooker. And Kristof, just like Richard Gere in the blockbuster Pretty Woman, immediately falls under her spell. Love at first sight, so to speak, in the red-light district. And while the relationship in the movie turns out to be impossible, Kristof knows how to handle a girl. He takes the hooker home, throws his wife — a terrible shrew — out and marries his streetgirl.

The melodious music to this love story is elusively sweet, like a summer breeze caressing your sweaty forehead. It’s the combination of the cheerfulness in the composition and the unusual lyrics that makes this song a joy to listen to.

In 1965 Sir Tom Jones sang “What's New Pussycat?”… The answer to that question is simple: a new song by Kristof Buntinx that is definitely worth listening to.

Discover Pussycat here:

Lyrics: Kristof Buntinx

Music: Ian Rigillo

Mix & production: Sam Pieter Janssens aka Klankman

Mastering: Gert Van Hoof aka Cochlea Mastering