Kristof Buntinx releases his inner patriot

By Kristof Buntinx

Kristof Buntinx releases his inner patriot

For patriotic ladies and gentlemen the month of July contains several highlights: the Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, the French their quatorze juillet and the Belgians their national holiday on 21 July. It is not a coincidence that citizen of the world Kristof Buntinx is releasing his new song ‘Patriot’ right now.

One jam session, that was all Kristof Buntinx needed to create ‘Patriot’. The lyrics were improvised in one go as if a volcano suddenly erupted. The singer-designer still doesn't know exactly who or what inspired him. The song tells the story of an American Democrat who is gay and who has a 3-year-old child. The man is struggling with a paradox. On the one hand, he is very patriotic, but on the other hand, he doesn’t want to be sent to war to die for his country.

Why do we have to shed our blood and why do people have to sacrifice their lives? What’s the point? The question that Buntinx poses matches perfectly well with songs such as ‘Why can't we live together’ (Timmy Thomas) or ‘War’ (The Temptations/Edwin Starr), which was covered by (amongst others) Bruce Springsteen and the gentlemen of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

While in America certain movements are promoting armed insurrection, Buntinx sings about how pointless war - and cannon fodder - actually is. The music of ‘Patriot’ is exactly what you would expect from a song like this: solid and sharp, with the occasional hint of imminent danger and impending doom.

‘Patriot’ feels like an artistic uppercut. We have no idea if Joe Biden, the US Democratic presidential candidate, is looking for campaign music, but someone should recommend ‘Patriot’ to him!

Discover ‘Patriot’ here:


Lyrics: Kristof Buntinx

Mix & production: Sam Pieter Janssens aka Klankman

Mastering: Gert Van Hoof aka Cochlea Mastering