By Kristof Buntinx


We are experiencing a bizarre holiday. The summer of 2020 will forever be remembered as a staycation. If you want to get some tropical sun without risking ending up in red coded areas, listen to ‘My Island’, a new song by Kristof Buntinx. The song deserves a big fat green light because it is a delicious earworm that you won’t easily forget.

Let's play Wikipedia: just below the southern tip of Florida, in the Caribbean, you’ll find the Bahamas - an archipelago of some 700 islands and 2000 coral plates, with miles-long white sandy beaches. The ocean, full of sparkling coral reefs, is emerald green. No surprise that Kristof Buntinx wants to take us to that dreamy paradise.

‘My Island’ begins with murmuring waves and steel drums, which immediately immerse us in a  sultry Caribbean atmosphere. They are followed by some of the happiest sounds that you will hear this summer. Add the lyrics to that and you will be able to imagine yourself on an exotic 5 star luxury holiday resort. Who wouldn't want to be offered a Coconut Drink by an elegant Bahama mama?

Just like the cheeky Buntinx has been called "René Magritte's prodigal son," his song ‘My Island’ can be considered a cousin of Harry Belafonte's ‘Island In The Sun’. The island that Kristof sings about is a heavenly paradise on earth where the singer warmly welcomes us. You will quickly forget about headaches and coronavirus fuzz in this peaceful place full of yellow flowers, with colourful lanterns in the trees, where you can dance all night.

On his island, Buntinx doesn’t need beefy hunks and sultry temptresses to seduce you. A handful of cheerful notes and a sing-along text do the job. Even people who are camping in rainy weather will feel happy when they hear this summer hit.

You don’t need an atlas or Google Earth, just discover ‘My Island’ here:


Lyrics: Kristof Buntinx

Music: Bram Van Duffel

Mix & production: Sam Pieter Janssens aka Klankman

Mastering: Gert Van Hoof aka Cochlea Mastering